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Future Planning

Regardless of your age, or your child’s age or disability, planning for the future is important.

  • Begin planning when your child is identified as having a disability and revise your plan as your child grows into adulthood.
  • The individual with a disability should share in developing the plan, and it should reflect what that person would like for his or her life.
  • Your child will become an emancipated adult at age 18. Many people with developmental disabilities just need informal assistance and guidance from others; in other cases there may be a need to establish legal guardianship.
  • Plan for your loved one’s financial future
  • Explore Supports & Services to learn about state and federal programs that will be important to you and your family across your loved ones’ life span.
  • Take steps to help your child become more independent. Connect with other families and local, state, and national organizations that can offer you information and support.
  • Find Additional Resources – Future Planning, Helpful Resources and Links
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Planning for the Future