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Indiana must Ensure an Inclusive Business Environment for All, Including People with Disabilities

Last week was certainly a week when Indiana was in the news across the county.  We are pleased that the General Assembly amended the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This is an important step.

While some may look at this as not sufficient and others feel any clarification was unneeded, we believe that the language in the new bill that clearly states that businesses cannot discriminate against anyone, including people with disabilities, is an important addition to state law.  This fix needed to happen. We appreciate the long hours members of the General Assembly put into crafting a new bill to address significant concerns, and appreciate Governor Pence for signing it.  There was too much harm being done to the reputation of this great state to not act.

The Arc has and will continue to focus on building career paths for people with disabilities. To be successful with that effort, we need to ensure that we have a business climate that is inclusive of all.  We have made great strides in Indiana, and addressing this critical issue allows us to continue that effort.  Our work is all about building careers for people and finding the right opportunities for all.

To our many friends in The Arc family who were thinking about this situation in considering whether or not the national convention of The Arc should go forward as planned in Indiana October 3-5, be assured, this action affirms that Indiana does indeed welcome all and we will extend Hoosier hospitality to the entire Arc family while you are here.

We invite you to watch “#Go2Indy” to see just how inviting and welcoming Indy will be when you Go2Indy!

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