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Tuesday, February 07, 2017   


HB 1384 as introduced by State Representative Bob Behning (R-Indianapolis) changes the definition of “graduation” for the high school graduation rate determination by specifying that students receiving a Core 40 diploma, a technical honors diploma, or an academic honors diploma are counted as graduates.  IT DOES NOT INCLUDE STUDENTS WHO RECEIVE A GENERAL DIPLOMA. The bill further goes on to create other provisions about calculating a graduation rate for students who don’t attend a high school full time.

HB 1384 is currently scheduled for a hearing in the Education Committee on Thursday, February 9, at 8:30 a.m.

The Arc of Indiana strongly opposes this bill as it removes many students who receive special education services and earn a general diploma from the graduation rate.  We need to make sure that every student counts.  Students who earn a diploma should be counted as graduating.

Federal law permits the general diploma and Indiana currently reports graduation rates based on the federal definition.  Why would we begin to purposely decrease graduation rates and exclude those students who earn a general diploma?  We want to continue to push schools to set high standards for students but for students who cannot satisfy the requirements for a Core 40 or Honors diploma, they should be allowed to earn a general diploma if they satisfy those requirements and should be counted as graduating.

For any student to be told that they don’t count is shameful.  For students who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), if they attain the education goals outlined, they deserve to earn that diploma and be counted as a high school graduate.

Please contact Rep. Behning and urge him to NOT hear HB 1384.  Tell him ALL students should count who earn a recognized diploma.  To not count students who earn a general diploma sends a message that only certain students count and education for these students will be diminished.

Contact all members of the education committee today!  Call:  (317)232-9600 or (800)382-9842 or email:

Chairman Bob Behning

Rep. Tony Cook

Rep. Woody Burton

Rep. Ed Clere

Rep. Dale DeVon

Rep. Jack Jordan

Rep. Vernon Smit h

Rep. Ed DeLaney;

Rep. Sue Errington  h34@iga,;

Rep. Sheila Klinke r

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