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COVOH Decision Lab

covoh_lab_2_webThe COVOH Decision Lab is an innovative system that provides a streamlined meeting format designed to enhance the productivity level of group meetings.

Sessions in the lab are ideal for any group and can be used for strategic planning, interagency collaboration, focus groups, project and grant development, project evaluation, online surveys, board development and so much more.  Each session is individually tailored to fit the needs of the group and accomplish their goals.

The lab helps groups:
  • Brainstorm, discuss and evaluate ideas
  • Categorize and organize ideas
  • Vote by rank order, multiple choice or yes/no
  • Evaluate alternatives across multiple criteria
  • Identify priorities
  • Build consensus
  • Produce action-oriented deliverables
  • Receive follow-up reports of decisions and discussions

covoh_lab_3By utilizing a structured, electronic meeting format, linked computers and an experienced facilitator, every member can participate and contribute his or her ideas.  This not only increases the level of productivity but also works to include ideas that may not be shared in a traditional format.

Each session in the lab includes pre-session planning to ensure that every group accomplishes their goals.  It also includes follow up reports after the session.

covoh_lab_1_webThe lab honors leaders of the Council of Volunteers and Organizations for Hoosiers with Disabilities (COVOH) – Amy Cook Lurvey, Muriel Lee and Henry Schroeder – and was made possible thanks to a generous donation from COVOH.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration please contact Jill Vaught, 317-977-2375 or 800-382-9100.

COVOH Decision Lab Information Sheet